my car goodies consisted of smoothies, two big salads and dressing, 4 oranges, 2 raw food bars, and spring water.

i haven't truly updated for a few days, but thats because i'm going on a very long vacation. as i said previously i will be at the burning man festival for a week. i will of course be incorporating as much raw goodies i can have my hands on, but will eat some sprouted breads and gluten free dinners. the desert is harsh, but i am finally prepared to be camping for 8 days.

the coolers were packed full of fruits and veggies.

talk to you all when i get back!


  1. have a wonderful time! you are really prepared which is awesome!

  2. have fun. love the pic of the cooler...filled with so many healthy and vibrant foods...the desert is harsh...but you have many cool and hydrating treats to get you through!


  3. thanks and thanks.
    it was a good time, and being prepared helped tremendously.