simple things

keeping the fridge full of fresh veggies is key to having good lunches for the day

today i woke up refreshed, hearing all of the beautiful insects chirping outside my window. in the summer time i like to keep my windows open because the breeze feels so nice while your sleeping.

green smoothie that consisted of kale, hemp seeds, cucumbers and pineapple

i got to work pretty early, enough time to think to myself before starting my shift. giving yourself some time to stretch or calm your mind makes the biggest difference in the world.

blueberries and an avocado

spinach salad with almonds, gypsy peppers, green onions, and cucumbers w/ raw coconut vinegar

i've been eating cucumbers in everything lately. the taste is so refreshing! packing a lunch ahead of time is a good way to keep yourself from grazing at work. i always choose to bring a big salad and some fresh fruit. the blueberries were ripe and juicy. i think they would have to be my favorite!

heirloom and cherry tomatoes

but today was great. although work was long and tedious something happened that i didn't expect. my friend's mother came in and brought me all of these beautiful tomatoes from her garden. although cliche, the simple things in life really matter the most. like when people share their love even in the tiniest ways! the tomatoes were a very good surprise! needless to say, they taste vibrant and will be put in almost everything i'm making this week since she gave me such a large amount.

people make me smile.


  1. Hey Griffen! Thank you for checking out my blog! Yours is awesome! The photography is pretty amazing too:) Hope to see you around the blogosphere!

  2. thank you so much, it means a lot to me. =)
    talk to you soon i'm very sure!