vendor fair

kaia foods, navitas naturals, nutiva hemp seeds, rhythm chips, raw revolution and pangea organics

i work at whole foods market. every year they throw a big vendor fair for the team members so we can sample to increase product knowledge and get their items into our stores. we also get to meet many of the vendors, or workers in the companies. so it is pretty fun. i of course gravitated towards all of the raw friendly vegan tables.

the new superfood bars by raw revolution

navita's acai powder and raw trail mix with goji berries

i'm really excited to use the acai powder in smoothies this week. it has a full bodied flavor and packed with antioxidants. navitas naturals is one of my favorite companies to purchase my superfoods from.

rhythm kale chips (kool ranch)

one of my favorite packaged raw food was the kale chips by rhythm superfoods . we are new to this product in colorado. i got to try all of the flavors and take this bag home. you can really tell they put a lot of effort into the flavor behind the chips once you taste them. they definitely stand out in flavor v.s. a lot of the kale chips on natural food shelves.

sometimes when you are not in the mood to make raw treats or snacks, getting pre made raw treats is the way to go. there is a growing market and always fresh flavors to try. i don't normally go out of my way to purchase packaged goods, because generally they are pricey and its a lot more fun (and usually tastes better) to make your own. any who!

it was long and fun, and my taste buds were satisfied.


  1. You are super lucky to be working at Whole Foods!! What a cool vendor fair too:)
    Navita's Naturals has amazing products and I'm always drawn to their products because the packaging is so awesome!
    And kool ranch kale chips sound amazing!

  2. it's nice, i've been with them for a few years now at a few different stores. the packaging is cool and they put out some stellar products.