good smells

sprouted grain bread with raw cashew butter and bananas

this sunday i stayed in and was inspired to wake up and make music, clean my apartment and make good food. it's nice to turn up the jams and just get down in your own space. the simple things.

i've been truly working on is de-cluttering and organizing. it's so important. i'm a firm believer that your spaces reflect what is going on in your life. if it's messy that could mean a number of things. for me having a clean organized space is happiness. i have room to think! sundays have generally been reserved for tidying up before the week starts.

water carafe

one thing i keep reminding myself to do is: drink water. more of it. i haven't been drinking enough this winter especially with all the yoga classes and the movement in my life. i keep finding myself with teas, kombucha and like every other drink except water. stay hydrated!

sweet potatoes about to be covered in coconut oil

after seeing this post i was really craving some sweet potato fries. I had some lying around and got down to making them. my apartment smelled delicious all day. this is a healthier low fat version of it's salty treat without the sacrifice in taste.

sweet potato fries
(makes 2 side servings)

2 large sweet potatoes
1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil
1/2 tablespoon cumin
1/2 tablespoon pink himalayan sea salt
1/4 tablespoon crushed chili peppers
crushed pepper to garnish

preheat oven to 400 degrees. cut sweet potatoes lengthwise. either wedges or shoestring style will work. mix the oil, cumin, salt, pepper in a little mixing bowl and then combine with sweet potatoes until well covered. on a baking sheet spread evenly and bake for about 30 minutes. bake until edges are crispy and fries are cooked through.


  1. yr past few entries (including this one, too!) are great and the food looks amazingly yummy. i have not really been eating raw lately. i feel the change in my body, even though I am still eating mostly minimally processed vegan meals. how do you manage raw in the winter?

  2. @ brett, thanks =) i don't really "manage" to be quite honest.. i have been eating fusion of cooked and raw meals.. i mean there are definitely days i eat raw the whole day, but in the winter i wont deny my body soups and cooked meals that i truly want. i think that i shifted ;)

  3. I know the calm satisfied feeling after sorting and de-cluttering. Less is absolutely more. Will try those sweet potato fries. Looks jummy!

  4. @ sol, less is absolutely more. i am sucha hoarder at times =)