the little things

little seeds

i have found that the little things as subtle as they can be, are the most special moments in your day. you know, the things that make you day dream, or to pass the time. the things that make you weep even just a little, or make you laugh until you cry. it's the little things that find the biggest places in our heart.

it's pomegranate stains on your white shirt... a pint of peanut butter chocolate ice cream shared with one spoon.... the sound snow makes when it crunches with every step... or text messages with little smiley faces in them.


  1. ...and the little posts like this that make me smile! xoxo

  2. @ kelli aww i'm glad you said that it totally adds to the post.

  3. love your simile of little things and seeds!- and your space too!

  4. @ adelina, i really appreciate that thank you. i really enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Beautiful. Perfect. Yes.

    (The Tree of Life has definitely been a pleasant experience...very simple, humble, unexpected...not a typical health spa/vacation of any kind.)


  6. @ ms. adventuress =) =) =)

    i'm glad you had a good time. i love when things are simple and relaxing in different ways then you expect.

  7. Thank you so much, Griffen. :o)

    Oh wow...you walked for hours at Burning Man? Do tell...what was it like?