open doors

there i was at the footsteps of a new world. ready to seek healthy options, challenge myself, listen to my body and appreciate all of the beautiful things life has to offer.

i won't talk about my past to much, but life has a funny way of opening it's door at times when your ready to take the next step. i feel grateful to internalize the world around me, and live in the present moment.

friendly eating isn't about eating 100% raw, or adhering to rules and lifestyles. it's about looking into yourself and connecting to the light you posses. the light that shines is truly amazing! here i will post the answers i seek and the moments of love i find day to day.

please join in by commenting and sharing your experiences, recipes and stories with me!


  1. Awesome! Best wishes on your journey!

  2. thanks so much my friend. i've been off and on raw for a couple years, but really embraced it this year. much of my past was spent eating unhealthy and being inactive. i can't believe how much progress i've made as a person. but yeah it means a lot!

  3. Hi there ;-) Love your posts and Yumo food.

  4. hey hey, thanks and thanks. your blog is beautiful.