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this week has been especially tough. i started teacher training for yoga this week and have been working late most days. i don't have to much free time to think. in the midst of it all i've been forgetting to just stop and breathe. its surprising how much breathing effects our day to day life. how it effects the way we process things, or our energy levels throughout the day. just taking a second to realign your breath and listen to your body is especially hard when your working retail! i've been catching myself getting overwhelmed and telling myself "its okay, your doing all good things." and that generally changes my mood.

but today i got to catch up on some much needed rest and also adventure into making things i was craving! on my days off i like to challenge myself with recipes as well as creating new ones.

rolling almond pate veggie nori rolls

inspired by ani phyo's blog

nut free crust

after leaving my friend jackie's house the other night i was craving some more fruit tart, so with inspiration from hers i created one myself this morning to freeze. (the picture below is pre-freeze so it was still a bit gooey) i tried to keep it like the original with a few friendly eating modifications.

mango breath fruit tart
(serves 4)

3 cups sunflower seeds
2 cups dates
3 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons shredded coconut
2 tablespoons raw agave nectar
pinch of pink himalayan sea salt

2 bananas
1 large mango

3 kiwis (or any cut fruit)

start by processing sunflower seeds and dates. add the rest of the crust ingredients and pulse until well combined. press the crust mixture into a pie plate and set in refrigerator to set. next process or blend bananas and mango together. pour filling into crust mixture and let freeze for a few hours and then serve. i topped mine with kiwis, but you can use any other fruit you would like. enjoy !

if your taking a picture, make sure you don't drop your camera into the tart like i did.

now i'm off to take a nap, do some om work (home work for yoga school) play some ukulele and get into empire strikes back with a bowl of banana soft serve.

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