red cabbage

today i had an amazing time. i spent my day off at a mineral/ rock expo with a couple of friends and picked up some really beautiful stuff. after that, i scootered over to my friend jackie's house. we planned on making pizza and what i came to was a surprise.

the surprise was colorful veggies in her garden. i haven't been to her house previously, so the mass abundance of produce was brilliant! there was everything we needed for our dinner. so we strolled through and picked out toppings for our pizza and what we needed to make salad.

we didn't eat pumpkins, but they're awesome anyways.

eggplants, roma tomatoes and jalapenos

we had a raw/ cooked fusion three course meal that consisted of:

spinach salad with beets, heirloom tomatoes, red cabbage and lemon dressing

vegan pizza with roasted garlic, basil, roma tomatoes, spinach, eggplant and mushrooms

and a raw fruit tart.

the raw fruit tart had a sunflower seed crust, and mango and strawberry filling. we topped it with fresh kiwis, strawberries and pineapple. pretty to look at, yummy to eat.

cooking with friends is magical. everyone gets to craft together and share stories while preparing. what i love is the inspiration that fills the room. i'm blessed to have friends with so many different skills and insight. food is just layers of amazingness. not only does it nourish us, but it brings us together.


  1. "Cooking with friends is magical"

    I agree with this so so so completely. :)
    Keep writing.


  2. @ atv, friends + food = my world [and yoga =)]