local kombucha and green salad with flax seeds, raisins and cashews

first, i want to say that i've been all over the place, so that has translated into not updating my blog. i've been slowly trying to get back into my raw routine and it's been good for the most part, but i've allowed myself to eat things i wouldn't normally! always vegan though =) i've been having a good time decompressing from my trip, but wow there is a lot of clean up. it's been over a week and i'm still getting things back to normal. but what is normal anyways?

one emotion i've been feeling is extremely excited.. and thats for yoga teacher training! i start on wednesday the 22nd. i've been given an extremely great opportunity to deepen my practice at a fraction of the cost because i clean at my yoga studio. i can't wait to be teaching classes! I'm so ready to share something so beautiful i practice in my life.

one thing that sparked inside of me when i came home is wanting to play music.. one night i was watching youtube videos of people playing ukulele.. so i decided i want to learn. literally, the next day (three days ago) i bought one and started practicing immediately. i've been hooked ever since. all of my free time has been dedicated to ukulele and yoga.

today i went to the park with a few friends and we sat in the sun. i brought along a big salad from my leftovers of vegetables from the week. it was nice to be in the outside for a few hours considering fall is peeking in. here in colorado we get sunshine 300+ days of the year, but when it's cold, it's cold! i've been taking advantage of as much sun as possible.

looking back (at four eyes) summer has been amazing. there was so many magic moments and i'm glad i was a part of them. i'm ready for the colder months and to play around in the fall. to me they are the most beautiful months of the year.


  1. I need to go on more picnics! Sounds lovely!
    Congrats on the yoga training too..sounds awesome!
    Ps I love fall too:)

  2. picnics are amazing, especially when there with people you love. thanks so much, its going to be!