jammin' at the light rail station

happy autumn! these are my favorite months in colorado. the days are warm, the nights are a bit chilly and the leaves are scattered everywhere. i really enjoy when the seasons change because it allows us to move from the attachments we've made in the previous one.

one thing i wanted to talk about is community. how important it is for us to be connected to one is unexplainable. we can come together to share, to create, and above all to love. sometimes in life when you least expect it, you find yourself in a room with passionate people all uniting to one mindset: to learn new things and to share it. for me in this moment it is my yoga teacher training. it has been so vibrant and changed my practice tremendously. in the few classes i've attended i've not only gone deeper behind the scenes with yoga, but i've gotten a broader sense of myself. how i communicate to people, how i want to create in this world and share my love.

the feeling i get when i step onto the mat is just amazing. i've never been so sure about something in my life. the amount of self awareness i've received from this practice is just so above and beyond. in my heart i know i'm on the right path, and at this point thats all i need to know. it feels good to live presently and consciously.

kale, avocado and cherry tomato salad

at the light rail stop i enjoyed a kale salad, raw trail mix, delicious fall apples and good tunes. while i was waiting for it to pick me up a few things came up in my head:

- organize my apartment, and get rid of clutter
- maintain raw food options in the colder months
- continue to eat how my body wants
- read more books
- make my own bath and body products
- keep practicing ukulele
- try to go to one yoga class a day
- run a few days a week
- make sweet potato fudge this week
- roast all my favorite fall veggies
- learn more gluten free recipes

during the chilly scooter ride home from teacher training i realized i was part of something awesome. i am part of a community (friends and family) that is driven by their passions, good food and know how to love. i get to learn and laugh everyday and for me thats the two simplest ways to enjoy life.


  1. very nice! what kind of yoga do you practice?

  2. "...and above all to love..." YES!!♥♥♥ That's it! The answer to everything is Love...
    Love the salad. and great to do list you have here ☺.

  3. Great post! Your salad looks delicious, sweet potato fudge sounds amazing (please post photos if you make this), and Autumn is a fave of mine too. Have a great Sunday :)

  4. @ kelli =)

    @ eka, thanks. i practice many styles. mainly vinyasa, and forrest yoga..
    i'm teacher training for hot and a hot power fusion type sequence.. and in the winter i might do a vinyasa intensive. how about you?

    @ hippiemom, love is the answer to everything! it feels good when first you know where love comes within, but to share that afterwards, is even more amazing. thanks, the list started.

    @ nikki, thanks my friend. the salad was way delicious and so simple it's my stand by when i'm busy but need something filling. i will post the photos if i get around to it this week. anyways you have a great week!

  5. vinyasa flow! I started out practicing Bikram 5 or 6 years ago, and then transitioned into vinyasa flow because my studio switched to it. I love it, and I hope to take the Yogaworks intermediate teacher training some day.

  6. @ eka,i love vinyasa, it's definitely what i practice the most. i love the versatility of it. i chose hot yoga teacher training because the class is way smaller so i could get better one on one with my main questions. i owe a lot to bikram, but man oh man the traditional way of bikram is so intense, i just can't connect with it.

    hytt is way smaller then the vinyasa training, because vinyasa is so popular here! but like i said i plan on taking the vinyasa intensive in the winter.

  7. Small is good. I am incredibly fortunate to have had such a small teacher training, there were only 7 of us and 2 teachers. So it was super intense, and so so intimate. I come from a very community orientated studio, so we're all like family. It's very different than any other yoga community that I've encountered and I'm so proud!

    I wish you the best with your vinyasa training. Maybe I can take a class from you someday!

  8. @ eka, thats so awesome. i'm glad you have found a community of people you branched into =) how wonderful.

    and maybe i can take a class from you! =)