i love it when piper brings me raw chocolate treats on my lunch break

i realized something important today. and that is my ability to stay patient when there are stressful situations arising. also my ability to be patient when i have to deal with tons of impatient people that pass through my job as a cashier.

i can't believe how much i've changed in this past year. the fact that i'm self aware of my feelings and emotions is a sign of growth. i'm able to adapt to situations and freely move throughout my day without well any complaints. for me, life is to short to complain, well about the little things at least. i guess i like to save my energy for things that really matter.

i don't ever try to assume anything, especially about people i don't know, but working with the public i see a tremendous amount of people who just give off the "i'm not feeling my life" vibe. it's not that it makes me happy when i see people who look sad or depressed, it's that it makes me appreciate my happiness because it comes from a genuine place and its fueled by my passions in life.

cutting up sweet potatoes

i chose to roast some delicious vegetables and eat them over some raw kale (5 for $5, can't beat that!) that was massaged with raw agave nectar and coconut vinegar. so delicious and filling. my oh my i love fall food.

roasted tempeh, walnuts, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, shallots and apples.

how simple, and the best of both worlds (raw and cooked). sometimes we need to eat cooked meals to cool down the raw vibrations at night. one thing i tried to eliminate this year has been soy products. which has been relatively easy. occasionally i'll eat some tofu, but tempeh is my go to if i ever crave things like that. tempeh is a nutritious fermented soy product and contains high amounts of protein, manganese, and vitamin b2.

local cold pressed apple juice

normally i don't drink to many fruit juices, but i was craving some and didn't want to deny my body the want for apple juice. big b's fabulous is local to colorado, organic, unpasteurized, cold pressed and only two ingredients: apples and well apples! i like to treat myself because we always made hot apple cider with this particular brand when we were kids.

the best side to look at things

i guess i just go with the flow. there is always a bright side in life and most of the time you don't have to look for it. i find that it's generally right in front of you.


  1. I love your outlook!! It's so true. We really do not have anything to complain about in this abundant land of ours:)
    If I get wound up in something, I think about those in third world countries who worry if they are going to live to see another day..it puts things in perspective for me:)
    I don't like it when people take their anger out on you in the workplace but like you said, you really don't know what is going on in their life. I'm learning to bless these people for teaching me patience and love..because sometimes you need a lot of it:)

  2. @ melissa, thanks i've been shaping my new outlook all this year and i have to say i'm quite happy with it! =)

    if anything to, the perspective is worth it. i lived in the philippines and boy did that change the way i think about america =) i'm so grateful for the opportunities i have here and the things i CAN take advantage of.. but i think it's also good to keep whats going on here in mind as well ;)

    thanks for an awesome comment! love is something you can't ever get enough of. =)