happy halloween

the leaves have changed

happy halloween! i apologize for the lack of commitment to my blog. i'm constantly jotting down ideas or making recipes, but i haven't found the time to post. my camera has also been MIA when the perfect opportunities for friendly eating arise. thats okay though, i love when things happen naturally and being completely present in the moment.

after a few excuses i have one more, i've been shifting a lot of my eating (always vegan) by balancing out a lot more cooked foods and it's honestly been a long time since i've cooked. some of the recipes that i've been making have been hit or miss, and i'm a firm believer of taste testing all recipes and only if it's good will i feel compelled to blog about it. needless to say, i have had some off recipes, but thats okay cooking is a practice, and with practice you get better each day.

i feel like if i keep posting pictures of food it would be boring, i've been eating lots of salads, oatmeal, sandwiches, raw fruits and veggies. life has been throwing me a lot of curve balls. i've been busy with school and working full time so although i always maintain a healthy diet it's not always that interesting.

my furby costume

halloween weekend was fun. now were entering november. it's pretty odd to me that it hasn't snowed in colorado yet. when we were kids, we based our costumes around our winter coats. i'll take the warm weather though!


  1. ha, love the costume! happy november!=)

  2. Love that costume!!!
    I can't believe it's November either..crazy!!

  3. food pictures are not boring if you ask me;) but of course it's always nice to see other pictures than food too, a combine between the two is best. what a great costume:)

  4. It's official. I have a big (harmless) crush on you.

  5. @ kelli, thanks happy november to you!

    @ melissa, thanks to you. this year is going by so fast =) pretty soon it will be 2011

    @ maria, i love food pictures! your blog is always filled with the best pictures

    @ atv, awwwwwww thanks. =)