thankful thursday

with thanksgiving coming i've been thinking of a lot of things i'm thankful for. i was going to wait to post this, but it's been awhile since i've posted and to get my creative juices flowing again i decided to just post this early.

i'm nearly finished with my teacher training and in 4 more classes i will graduate! so exciting! in this training i've learned so much about the practice, made awesome friendships, and connected with myself on such a deep level. yoga is a life long journey and i love to see what each day unfolds for me.

other than that i've been extremely busy. working at whole foods full-time and going to school 3 days a week has been a challenge, but i'm not complaining because it is totally worth it! if it weren't for all of the amazing people in my life, the food i get to eat everyday and just the positivity and light i found i don't know how i would have done it.

anyways, i've been going through pictures from foureyes and wanted to do a little post about things i adore and am so grateful for. what an honor to be blessed with so much awesome love in my life.

I'm thankful for:

nick, because he is my best friend and brother. i can't explain how awesome our friendship is.

all of the books i read this year.

gluten free baked goods.

piper, because she is magical and our friendship is based on creativity.

cody and all of his loud yelpy cuteness.

my cat, and all of his subtle and nurturing ways.

max and his cuddly love.

the dedication i find for myself each and every time i step on the mat.

raw food recipes.

live music and performance art.

green juice in the morning.

new friendships!

all of the variations of banana soft serve you can think of!

good health and the most spectacular summer ever.

cantaloupe because i ate like 300 of them. they are my absolute favorite fruit.

kyle simply because he's kyle.

the farmers market and all of it's bountiful goods.


my dad, because he is the best dad anyone could ask for.

to spend quality time with beautiful people.

natures ability to create such amazing food.

rachel, my lovely little sidekick. she's always there when i need her, and her food and art is amazing.

siesta key and spending a week on the beach.

leah, because she gives me so much inspiration and beautiful insight.

my ukulele and all of it's awesomeness.

every single kale salad i consumed this year.

april, for being a loving and supportive person in my life.

burning man.

pizza, raw or cooked it's something i always look forward to eat!

for myself because i wake up everyday and choose to live with intention.

all of the inspiration and beauty i find in life everyday.

What are you thankful for?


  1. aw i LOVE this! i am grateful for our friendship and brothahoood!

  2. And that picture of leah is beautiful i miss her

  3. @ cara, thanks. i've been frequenting your blog!

    @ nick, i'm glad we are friends to, leah is beautiful!

  4. So. Beautiful. Well done. Congratulations. I'm so happy for all of your blessings.

  5. @ ms. adventuress, thank you that means a lot to me!