room to grow

goofy post yoga glow

we all need to laugh a little. and at ourselves is what i mean. in the last few yoga classes i found myself intently focused on postures (heavy face) that i wanted to go deeper into, and when i fell out of them (literally on my butt) all i could do is laugh! it's such a great feeling. to just laugh out loud and reset our mind. my philosophy is: if you can't laugh at yourself, then you are taking life to seriously.

we internalize so much crap in our daily life, sometimes it's hard to find laughter or happiness inside of ourselves. all of the built up stress and self conscious, where does it go? all i can say is nowhere safe if it never comes out. i think when we can just smile at things that drive us crazy we are able to let go of so much pressure we build up. how simple of an exercise. but it works! it's hard work to get to that point though. breathing and a little patience go along way.

with that said, we have to be patient with ourselves. to give ourselves the time to grow and to learn our own lessons. i find that we can ruin progress simply by wanting more, or rushing to get to our 'finishing' points. there is no finish. everyday is a new day, and a new set of challenges. the challenges that move us emotionally, align our passions or give us the room to grow into better versions of ourselves. we have to acknowledge our progress in the present moment first though.

gt's synergy: trilogy and sale produce!

after leaving yoga this early morning, i rode over to work early and had a bit of breakfast. gt's kombucha finally came back into the stores here in denver! i really love this product it always has the perfect amount of flavor and carbonation.

this was not part of my day, but i've been making these yummy shakes when i've been craving chocolate. which has been a lot... this shake is not to disappoint. it's so creamy and delicious. i love it when it gets a little frothy at the top.

banana cinnamon shake
(makes 2 16oz servings)

4-5 frozen and chopped bananas
28 oz distilled water
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
1 heaping tablespoon raw hemp seeds or chopped walnuts
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon allspice
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of pink himalayan sea salt

blend all of the ingredients together and enjoy!


  1. @ kelli. thanks =) laughing elevates our lives!

  2. Well written. I love laughing at myself, that often helps through hard times..Humour is always important.

    yummy shake!