buy nothing day fair

lots of music

i have something special to share. it was about my experience at the buy nothing day fair a few of my friends organized. although there weren't a whole bunch of people there, there was still a pretty large crowd with tons of activities. all of course were free!!! the denver zine library hosted the space.. it holds over 3000+ zines. so awesome! on the agenda there was:

- diy soap making by the hazelnut soap co-op
- how to make kombucha/ culture giveaway
- sewing 101 and make your own monster
- live music all night by friends
- meditation/ aum circle led by me!
- vegan food from food not bombs and take home produce
- vegan cupcakes from plants and animals
- and much more!

excuse the sexual innuendos

plants and animal table

the experience was so rad. people coming together, sharing and creating is simply amazing. times like this i find vibrant love in my community i gain so much inspiration. life can be that simple sometimes it just takes coming together.

josh and drew getting down while people craft

leading the group meditation was amazing. so much love and light in the room. i felt so alive and am so blessed to have been part of the fair and share what i know to radical people.

davey and his amazing music making


  1. I love events like these. Nice to see you had a great time there.

  2. @ chibi vegan, thanks so much. it's really great to be part of something special especially when theyre your friends/ family =)