give thanks

pomegranate seeds for the salad

to all of the people you love. i spent my thanksgiving with my best friend and his family this year. one thing about the holidays is that it brings people closer together. it's great to share stories over food about all of the experiences you've been through. or to just simply laugh with people you love.

squash soup

vegan dinner

i embraced wanting to have a traditional (vegan) thanksgiving this year, so i indulged. it incorporated some cranberry sauce, green beans, roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes with gravy and of course pumpkin pie. his sister always makes her famous squash soup every year, and this time she veganized it! instead of cream she used coconut milk, so delicious!

the 'kids' table

what is great about our friendship is that we are family. i can do my laundry at their house, play music with his dad and talk for hours with his mom. i feel so at home every time i spend time with them.


  1. a lovely meal with lovely people... doesn't get much better than that!=)

  2. @ kelli, thats very true. good people and good friends are the only things i need. and movement!

  3. @ ms. adventuress. thanks so much! food is always good.