holiday spirit

breakfast scramble with daiya and field roast

working retail can get to you sometimes. especially during the holidays. just the holidays alone can get to you. in the past i've had melt downs. seriously. daily (in the retail world) it challenges me to find good in society and to interact with people in a sincere way. i know the holidays are stressful, but why does it have to be?

i asked myself that question when the holidays came approaching this year.. it really manifested into a lot of questions... do i need to work overtime for the holidays? no. should i feel guilty about not giving gifts. no. do i have to be overwhelmed by angry people? no. can i eat healthy, spend time with loved ones and look back at all the good things before a new year starts. yes.

organic dark chocolate peppermint bark

in the past, i let my emotions get the best of me. although it's endearing to think i worked my tailbone off to buy gifts in hindsight none of that really mattered. what matters is the unconditional love you find in your life. to cherish the time with friends and family, celebrate your community and to honor all the hard work you put into the year.

this holiday was different then the past. because i chose not to work to much, to not carry guilt because of a pseudo-tradition, to be around people who love me and support my journey and because i honored the space where true presents are unwrapped. this is what i got:

- selfless acts of awesomeness
- yoga with the community
- mending fences with my stepmom
- doctor who marathon with dad
- welcoming new people into my life
- the smell of chocolate baking
- doggy kisses in the tiniest hours of the morning
- old recipes i haven't visited in along time
- playing board games until your too sleepy to answer

and its that simple. happy holidays everyone.