2011 intentions

in 2011 it's my intention to:

to stay active and be outdoors.

to eat healthy meals that nourish.

to relax if i'm at home or across the world.

to ride my bike more and learn how to skateboard.

to find the beauty in the present moment.

to continue my education and become a better yoga teacher.

to see more bands i love and create more music of my own.

to seek the truth and cultivate self awareness.

to prepare food that is creative and delicious.

to share, be inspired by and to love friends and family.

to make conscious decisions with my money.

to craft and create.

to have fun and be spontaneous.

to eat more cupcakes.

to be open to what comes next.


  1. @ kelli, thanks, @ eka, =) smiles all around @ di, happy new year to you @ everyone be healthy, be happy, be vibrant.