birthday weekend

drive to idaho springs

starting on thursday i took one week off of work. it's been really nice. i've got to clean my apartment, go on a few bike rides, make really delicious food and most importantly to relax.

kombucha botanica and a larabar

getting out of the city is nice even if its just for the afternoon. the car ride was beautiful. so many different colors on the mountains as we drove by. it's one of my favorite things to do in colorado. especially when you have music, snacks and good company.

our destination was indian springs. about 40,000 gallons of natural hot mineral water is pumped into their pool. the pool is inside of a dome that houses tropical plants.

banana trees

green pool water

it was really crowded this weekend, but i still had a relaxing experience. in the dome it's extremely humid, and the water is kept above 100 degrees. my hands were like prunes and i was a little loopy from the heat, but i came out feeling refreshed.

pink clouds

the late afternoon drive home was peaceful. a weekend of being completely off of everything was much needed. my birthday is tomorrow and i'm going to have a pizza potluck. it's going to be delicious!


  1. enticing photos. i could use a soak in a hot spring. im frikkin freezin.

    happy bday! a pizza potluck sounds perfect!


  2. Oooh your trip sounds so lovely! Think I need something like that my self.

    Happy birthday!

  3. @ kelli. i highly recommend it. so so nice. it's freezing here to ;) so much snow just happened in the last couple days. and thanks, i am gonna post pictures of tonight =)

    @ sol, it was so fun i had a great time. if you have anything like that where you live it's something you need to do. =) thanks!

  4. mm pizza! Happy birthday :]

    You must feel so light from the soak. I really enjoy practicing asanas the day after I soak, it feels like my limbs are floating.

  5. @ eka, thank you thank you. pizza is delicious! it was so refreshing, I went so long without going! :)

  6. Looks so nice! I also want to take a swim in that pool:)

    + Happy birthday!! hope you had a lovely day and ate a good pizza.

  7. @ maria, the pool is wonderful. it so hot and makes your skin feel really nice. so many minerals. and thank you, i ate to much pizza in fact if thats even possible.