my good friend leah playing her mandolin

that must've been the shortest hiatus, but i'm back . i was having a hard time comprehending things this week. i was making weird mistakes at work, my body was sore and i just wasn't feeling grounded enough. i had so many thoughts racing through my brain. i couldn't concentrate on anything in particular.

after i received some thoughtful perspective from people i love, a couple hot yoga classes (one with a blindfold on) and an afternoon in the park making music, i feel much better.

sometimes all it takes is one really satisfying meal and a beautiful day to get you back on track.

setting up mukta hasta sirsana

and yes, i'm wearing short shorts in the middle of the winter.


  1. i'd wear short shorts in january if i had legs like that!=)

    glad you're feeling better. xo

  2. welcome back - a hot yoga class with blindfold on sounds adventurous and kind of scary but I'm glad it helped

  3. @ kelli, =) thanks my friend

    @ antony, thanks. yeah it was one of my assignments in my current teacher training for yoga. it was scary and weird, but it was to help reflect what it's like to be a new student in a class. gave me such good perspective. about myself and others =)