some fun

ice and snow

this weekend marks the end of my program that i've been attending the last month. it was an extension of the teacher training i completed last fall. the training was both fun and educational. i was able to gain more confidence, get feedback from my peers/mentors and receive new perspective on teaching yoga. all good things.

this winter, has been my best yet. although, i am not as active or inspired to cook as much i want, i'm very happy with what's going on in my life. working 40+ hours at whole foods, doing teacher training, and having a few classes to teach was difficult, and some days exhausting, but more fun then anything else. i'm glad that training is over so i can have more time to myself. to rededicate to my own yoga practice (that i've been neglecting, a little bit) and utilize my own kitchen instead of the salad bar at work.

these are a few things throughout this week that made me feel good:

fresh air and the snow melting away

getting two scoops of ice cream with good company

viparita karani (legs up the wall) on my breaks at work

spending time with ian


  1. you've had a lot going on - i love the light in your photos

  2. @ antony, thanks. my real digital camera is broken so i've been using an app on my iphone.