my new ukulele/ best friend

once you've set your mind towards something and have free and willing intention the easier things become. a year ago i tried to play guitar and i expected to much that i really didn't connect to it because of my lack of faith in myself. growing up and just a lot of different situations i've been in, i've realized that being self conscious definitely is the biggest road block between us and what we want to accomplish. it's not something new, but something never really acknowledged to often.

coming home from my trip with tons of magic and inspiration i set my mind to new things. i've picked up this instrument and really have been focused on chord work and practicing songs, and i'm really starting to strum along. it's amazing how much progress i've made just in a few days. the difference between the years is black and white. i care more about having fun then being great and thats a whole other lesson in itself.

what if we could have this focus for everything in our life. i think we can! really i do! just imagine if we stopped doubting ourselves and just kicked it in to gear! a lot of vibrant things would get done.

now for a sweet and sour concoction i whipped up a few times this week:

three berries in mind
(makes 2 16oz servings)

3 frozen and chopped bananas
28oz distilled water
hand full of raw cashews
3 tablespoons goji berries
1/4 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup frozen cranberries
pinch of pink himalayan sea salt
1 tablespoon acai powder (optional)

start by pulsing goji berries, cashews and acai powder (optional) alone. one pulsed into a powder add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth consistency!


  1. We call it "AL AZIMA" in our culture...Glad you got your guitar drive ☺ Very inspiring ♥ working right now on reaching some serious goals of mine ☺...
    and the shake is incredible!!

  2. thats awesome, i've been finding inspiration so much lately and most of the time just having fun helps you reach your goals.. =)