beautiful flowers from beautiful friends

I'm finished with my teacher training program! It was so awesome and beautiful. To be honest it was bittersweet. I became really close to a lot of people really fast, and was sad for it to end. I mean I know I will still see the friends i made outside of the training, but it was just nice to have three days a week out of my normal context...

What is normal, right? anyways, I'm just so excited to teach people yoga. It's transformed my life in so many ways, and the ability to spread it to people around me just makes me smilel! I can't wait!

snacks at whole foods

one thing i'm trying to commit to is eating better again. I was doing very awesome for the majority of the year, but i have fallen off the wagon. i know what i eat most consider healthy, but all this gluteness bread and thanksgiving food has got me feeling icky. Oh well, we only live once, and thanksgiving only comes once a year so I'm comfortable with it! Now with school being over, and more free time open I can dedicate more time in the kitchen and prep work for wholesome yumminess!


  1. @ eka, thank you so much. you know how great i feel!

    @ parisa mahmoudi, i know i'm so grateful of good friends!

  2. congrats! i looove tulips. just watched an interesting segment on them on 'botany of desire'.

  3. @ kelli, thanks so much. it was a lot of work but pays off.. i love them to, my friend just surprised me with them the other day!

  4. griffen...
    i have just been formally introduced to your beautifully present blog; thank you for sharing. i've also just come across a site you might find your heart lightened by, bloominghumans.com...the video brought me to tears of grateful release! i am in portland now; i could no longer ignore my heart's desire to be here. it feels good to know you are out there living and loving.