overcast mornings in colorado

when there is a lot of shifting in your life or you're trying to find where you are going, life can bring an element of discomfort or uncertainty. it could be completely opposite to you, you might even find more excitement. everyone is different!

for me, i tend to dance in between. lately, i've been closer to being uncertain then anything, but that's okay! currently, with all of the movement, new vibrations and communication happening between people i love i've been finding myself feeling a little confused. i only feel this way because i'm getting a taste of what i want to pursue, finding self reliance, and what big impacts can be made with little or no communication.

when we are thinking to hard, or down on ourselves it's important to realize the answer is inside of us. thats not far at all. to calm down, and take one thing at a time. to allow ourselves to be present in the moment and release what is holding us back.

along time ago i had some very dark days, and when i was riding a new wave to happiness i wrote these things down. i wanted to share them with you.

you deserve to:

learn something new


use your hands

eat healthy food


have movement

have expression

not carry guilt

be your authentic self

live with intention

have passions

cry when you need to

be loved

be part of a community

have a family

be resepected

accept help

laugh at yourself


follow your passions


wake up feeling refreshed

speak your truth

have meaningful relationships

be radical

find beauty

have joy throughout your day

get rid of what no longer serves you

find the power inside of yourself

open doors that were once closed

help others

change society

to live vibrantly

be organic

have happiness

you deserve to be present

what do you deserve?

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